"He had raped our bodies, he had broken our spirits," she said, "he had destroyed our souls."

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A1 — The Wichita Eagle (April 29)

A1 — The Wichita Eagle (April 29)

Warnings kept fatalities from climbing yet higher

"I think the lesson that folks need to grasp is that it can happen at any time, and they need to be prepared — and how they need to be prepared," said Chance Hayes, warning coordination meteorologist for the weather service in Wichita. Read more

Another city trash proposal likely

City Manager Robert Layton said a few themes have emerged following the initial proposal:

Residents don’t want government deeply involved in the trash business; many people support having more recycling options; and many people oppose a universal rate because of the disparity in how much people throw away each week.

"I’m feeling pretty strongly that the people want these things addressed," Layton said.

"We’re really at a wait-and-see right now. … The state’s looking at a $500 million projected shortfall," said John Allison, superintendent of Wichita schools. "How is he (Brownback) going to propose balancing that? Until we see his budget, we really don’t know."

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"When a teen mom is so stressed out with just survival, it takes away from her being able to invest in her child," said Michelle Pitman, who — with her husband, Scott — founded the Lady Bugg House to help provide support for teen moms who would otherwise be on their own. "By easing that burden for her, it gives her more time to focus on being a mom and doing the things that will then make that difference for her child."

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"They’re engaged. Intimately engaged," said Ed Flentje, who served as interim city manager between George Kolb and Robert Layton. "They’ve got committees watching all sorts of stuff at City Hall. They overlap with what the city does and they’re aggressive and active in making sure their membership is well protected."

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"To me, it is a mathematical process,” said Robert Henry, assistant director of the Fairmount Center for Science and Mathematics Education at Wichita State University. “The moon has a tilt and the Earth has a tilt and we align twice a year."

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Promsie Not to Tell

Wichita police say hundreds of sexual abuse, incest and rape cases happen here every year. There were 455 cases investigated in Sedgwick County last year alone. In our Promise Not to Tell series, 19-year-old twins Kellie and Kathie Henderson speak out about how they were raped and assaulted for years by their older brothers, Andrew Henderson and Matt Henderson, and father, Brad Henderson, before being rescued by neighbors Shelly and Jim Vasey and police in 2005.

Read the series and related documents: Kansas.com/promise.

Part One: For a decade, girls endured the horror at home

Part Two: Neighbors rescue girls from years of molestation

Part Three: As shattered lives are put back together, cracks remain

Photo gallery: Promise Not to Tell

""I don’t particularly like them going to funerals. I can understand why he didn’t like that. Because he went to go do a job, and he lost his legs doing that job," said the grandmother of Ryan Newell, 26, who is accused of stalking members of Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church."

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